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About Me...

Having originally trained in Glass Design, gaining a Batchelor of Arts degree specialising in blown glass, returning to London it quickly became apparent that sadly a career as a Glass Designer wasn't viable. 

I therefore started working in the film and TV industry as a Props Buyer, Stylist and Set Decorator on films and commercials in the UK. A few years later I turned my back on the freelance world and began working in-house for TV production companies, branding agencies and in digital media. 

For the last eleven years I have worked as an Assignment Editor at a couple of London photo agencies, where I was responsible for the photographic coverage of entertainment, music, news and royal events throughout the UK, and occasionally in Europe. This all changed however when I was made redundant and so looking to change my career again, I went back to my first passion, working with my hands in order to craft something special. 

So, expanding on my sewing skills, gained from years of occasional dressmaking, I trained to become a professional soft furnishings maker. This means I’m back to making functional, traditionally, hand-crafted items once again… and it feels great!

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