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Custom-Made & Handcrafted

We make made-to-measure curtains, roman blinds and cushions. They are crafted by hand using mostly age-old methods of

hand-stitching but with a little help from the sewing machine when required.

Whenever possible I use products that are made in the UK.  The superior linings and interlinings I use are made by William Clark in Northern Ireland (since 1736!) and the natural thread used in all of my hand-stitching is made at a mill in Lancashire. Both of these companies are at least a century old, so they definitely know how to make quality products!  In addition a lot of the fabrics I use are made in mills in and around the North of England.



That luxury finish with no visible stitches on the front of your curtains and blinds requires hand sewing.

Mitred Corners

The corners on all curtains and roman blinds are mitred for a high-end finish.



Curtains are all weighted in the corners and at each seam join as well as having chain stitching applied to keep the lining from billowing.

Rod Pockets

Roman blinds are mitred at the corners and I only make traditional rod pockets in the lining. 

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