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The Luxury Collection

For the most sublime sleeping experience, the Mayfair Satin 600 thread count pure cotton satin set and for the ultimate in luxury the Soho Soft Wash 100% Linen bed linen collections.

Luxury Collection: Our Inventory

The Luxury Collection

For the most luxurious sleep, the Mayfair Satin 600 and Soho Soft Wash Linen bed linen collections.


Mayfair Satin 600

from £22

Our fabulously soft Mayfair Satin 600 offers the ultimate in luxury.  A beautiful 600 thread count pure cotton satin with a fine cord detail and subtle satin sheen - the ultimate in bed linen luxury!

Soho Soft Washed Pure Linen

from £30

Soho is an exquisite soft washed 100% pure linen with all the advantages of a truly amazing natural fibre.  Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the benefits of pure linen have been enjoyed for centuries and, with the gorgeous drape of Soho Soft Washed Linen, it is a stunning investment in a quality sleep.

Luxury Collection: Our Inventory
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