• Cathy van Abbe

Bye bye 2021... 2022 here I come!

Should I turn over a new leaf and blog more regularly? I CAN NOT believe the last time I did was in May, MAY! Well maybe that's because the last six months of the year really flew by with a revolving door of work, which was wonderful! I got to work on some fabulous and varied projects and with some gorgeous and interesting prints and colours. I also did some work for a big TV show! It was a great year for me. So here is a round up of just some of them. I'm hoping the orders keep on coming and have lots already, along with others in the pipeline.

This year I hope to be more efficient with the dreaded 'paperwork' and to minimise the late nights if at all possible? But I'm really looking forward to another bumper year and having a lot of fun with exciting fabrics and interesting projects, and of course to meet another crop of lovely clients.

Let's go!

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