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The Big Move!

It's been a bit of a week.... I've moved my workroom to a new space. It was epic getting my table top up the stairs and in the room though. In fact we tried everything but in the end had to resort to sawing a piece off it and then reattaching it, which meant also building a serious supporting frame underneath. All good though, it's worked out wonderfully. It's never coming out again though!! I've spent the past month trying to plan everything and have another area for my desk, which was a last minute switcheroo in term of the layout. But it's worked out well and means I can have a beautiful new desk now which I'm very excited about. There's an eight week wait though. For once I'm on the receiving end of that waiting period!

I've been very busy juggling lots of orders, lots of roman blinds and outdoor cushions. I'm also working on more stuff for a TV show again including cushions for the deck of a boat. Get me! Can't wait to see that one.

Lastly, the sun has been shining all week and I'm seeing friends for a drink on Saturday night in a pub garden for the first time this year, so things are on the up! Hot water bottle at the ready...

Have a great weekend!

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