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Cushion love and lots of delays...

It's been a really relaxing week, the first in more than half a year! I've been happily immersed in making lots of different cushions using a variety of fabrics and I even made a bespoke cushion inner for the first time. Using two standard 18" feather cushions, I made a really long cushion inner sack out of lining fabric and transferred the feathers into it. What a mess! It was quite stressful getting them in there but once in and stitched closed, I was really happy with the result. I love the idea of making cushions to any size at all! Covid and Brexit have been causing an enormous amount of delays with suppliers in our industry and I have been feeling the full force this week. That coupled with Royal Mail being short staffed means I'm really struggling with being able to get on with my work. It's so frustrating, I'm waiting for all sorts of things including lots of samples and I'm getting stressed out as it's stopping me from progressing with my clients, who are not doubt also getting frustrated. Let's hope it'll improve soon so I can crack on. Lastly, I've been offered my Covid jab this week, so I'm really happy about that!

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