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Finally got to hang them....

I finally was able to install two sets of silk curtains with matching valance to this master bedroom. It was what has kept me busy through the lockdown, especially working on that valance. It's piped and scalloped and full of trumpets! Making that is like putting pieces of a puzzle together and in order to save on silk we backed the scallops with lining fabric, but retained the contrasting cream silk to the backs of the trumpets as they are visible from the front. Quite a lot of work! I've also been busy making lots more masks clocking up 305 so far, with some lovely new fabrics added to the mix and I've also had an order for an origami bag. So I've been really busy. I'm also happy to report that enquiries are ramping up for my blinds and curtains and I've a few blinds on order which is great news!

It's a heatwave at the moment and we've upgraded the paddling pool so I can get in! I'm one happy bunny. Have a fab weekend!

Listening to: Anyone But Me - Joy Crookes

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