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Funny time to start a blog?!

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now and today I decided to take the plunge! It's undoubtedly a weird time right now, one of the reasons I was in two minds about this, but I then happily imagined what it would be like to look back on this post from a refreshed and safer (hopefully) world, where we no longer need to observe a 2m social distance and can party in a field once more. It made me feel much better, so here goes...

Due to the virus my working life has become somewhat strained and I won't dwell on it, as so many of us are under the same pressures, but suffice to say I'm not able to work at full speed due to childcare issues and lots of clients have pulled out of having soft furnishings made for them. However I'm working as much as I possibly can and have in fact been pretty busy this past week. It's a good time to work on the business itself, trying to turn a negative time into a positive one. Therefore I launched my new website, which took a lot of work but I'm really, pretty pleased with it. I'm now working on my SEO so I've been watching lots of webinars and doing free training videos which have been fabulous and really very helpful. It's amazing what help you can get out there!

In my workroom I'm about to finish a third pair of custom made silk curtains for a client, using some stunning fabric from Designers Guild. It's in a beautiful shade called Seaspray, that reminds me of tropical seas and lets me dream the impossible right now. Next I will move on to making a matching valance for two of those pairs of curtains which I'm looking forward to making. They will have scalloped trumpets all the way along them and be set off at the top with a flat band, sandwiched with cream silk piping. They will be replacing floral curtains in a master bedroom and will be a wonderful makeover to a gorgeous classic master bedroom and bring it right up to date.

That's all for now...


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