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Happy Hexagons...

I just love this fabric from Scion... especially in this colour way but then I would, wouldn't I?! It was great to see this blind in its rightful place and the second time I've used this fabric, albeit in grey the last time. I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last post and today we go back into a semi-lockdown. It's a roller-coaster ride at the moment. I'm juggling quite a few clients' work and a steady stream of new ones are coming in, which is great news! At the moment I'm still allowed into people's houses, observing all the rules of course so we carry on. Christmas is getting ever closer but I've no idea what that will represent. I do know I need to launch my Crimbo masks soon as people have been asking again.

I've got two Ada & Ina linen fabric blinds to get on with now and to collect my repaired overlocker later on - I lost at least two hours on that monster the other day!

Listening to: The Thrill is Gone - BB King

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