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Masks to be Made Compulsory on Public Transport!

Well have I been busy! The new directive regarding the wearing of masks on public transport has boosted sales enormously and I have been squirrelling away all week, with this week looking to be even busier which is great news. I've also got a stack of new fabrics in and the choice therefore has escalated a fair amount.

This increased traffic has been great and I've also had a few enquiries for my main business of making curtains and blinds which has been really welcome after the tumbleweed of the past couple of months! So that's all very encouraging. I'm gearing up for my first fitting since lockdown on Wednesday when I will finally be able to install two pairs of gorgeous tropical sea green silk curtains with a scalloped valance. I'm really looking forward to seeing them up in their rightful place!

Back to the grindstone now...I'm going to crack my mask orders! Listening to: Declaration of Rights - The Abyssinians (very apt in the current climate)

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