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Mega fitting and more TV work!

Lots on this week, with a fitting of some venetian blinds at the beginning of the week and a mega fitting of three pairs of curtains at a renovation project in West London, that has gone really well. I now have the fun bit, making eight cushions in a variety of shapes and sizes to add the finishing touches. I do love making cushions, you can really push the boat out with your choice of fabrics without risking much!

I also have more TV work on, making two quick pairs of unlined velvet curtains in red and gold for the entrance of a nightclub. The pressure is on for sourcing the fabric and making them in time as their deadlines are set in stone!

In the meantime I have also been making up three roman blinds in a soft plain ecru for an apartment in Bermondsey, with the fitting booked in for the weekend. I've been having trouble with sourcing my usually outstanding headrails due to Brexit customs issues between Ireland and the UK, so I'm praying they arrive today so I can finish them off!

I'm now off to measure up for some curtains in Balham, to be made up with a gorgeous blue teal fabric. I'm still allowed to enter people's homes, observing all of the Covid-safe protocols of course.

Listening to: Calypso Rose - Calypso Blues

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