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Pattern making preparations...

I'm busy making a curtain valance today and as it is made-to-measure it requires a lot of pattern making. I like to use brown packing paper and I've cut out some test pieces in lining material so I can see how it all looks together proportionately, before cutting into my rolls of silk. It's a bit like doing a puzzle and fortunately I quite like doing them!

This week I've also sourced a high-tech, skin-friendly, 100% cotton fabric from a French supplier which has high filtration properties repelling water and micro droplets, acting as a barrier for viruses and bacteria. Lots of friends have expressed an interest in buying masks and have encouraged me to go for it, so I'll be making face masks in the next couple of weeks also. The fabric can be washed a minimum of 20 times, at 60 degrees without any loss of performance too, which is great! It currently only comes in white but I'm seriously contemplating producing versions with a more interesting second layer of fabric over the top, especially if the kids will have to wear them going back to school!

Another week of lockdown commences, stay safe everyone!


Listening to: Gregory Porter - Revival

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