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  • Cathy van Abbe

Well 2021 has started with a bang!

What a way to start 2021. Only eight days in and we have lockdown v.3 (home schooling again!), the breaching of Capitol Hill and I'm off to a flying start with a queue of clients.

I can't complain, in fact I'm really happy to be back working. Two weeks of Netflix, uncontrollable gorging on food and no yoga hasn't left me in the happiest of places. I think I like routine really and am glad to be back in one even if I have to negotiate working and home schooling.

Obviously what's going on out in the world isn't boding well but I'm hopeful that Spring will deliver us from this evil! Plus a bit warmth and sunshine will help enormously on many levels.

I'm optimistic about this year, I have to say, but then I'm a glass half full kinda girl!

Listening to: Blue Note Re:Imagined album

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